New Blogger, Who Dis?

OK, here we go. I’m doing this, we’re doing this. Are you ready? It’s time.

Okay, calm your tits. I’m talking about launching this blog, not whatever you were thinking, ya nasty. I don’t know how many times I’ve put this off. I mean really, just getting people to read anything in this day and age is an uphill battle. And now I’m supposed to convince you that my life is entertaining enough for you to keep clicking your way back. I know that lots of bloggers, vloggers, instagram-ers, etc., use their cunning wit and creativity to keep your attention but the truth is, I’m actually pretty average in most ways. The thought of having to be witty and creative for you actually gives me anxiety as I type this. Yassss, raise ya hand if you’re a little bit crazy. The best of us are, it’s fine.

Anyways, let me elaborate. I’m smart; I’ve always gotten good grades but never excelled or stood out. I’ve got a great sense of humor, but I’m either the one laughing nonstop at someone else, or being unintentionally funny. I enjoy sports and am fairly athletic, but I was never in the first group of kids being picked by the team captain (I wasn’t usually the last, there may have been a few times, though… ouch). I’m attractive, but despite my Mexican and Salvadoran roots, I don’t have any striking features and I completely skipped out on the Latina booty. Adding on to that, I wear minimal make up due to lack of skill, and I prefer simplicity in my wardrobe (or maybe it’s because that’s what I can afford, maybe it’s cause I like comfort, you’ll never know). I can go on, however I think you get the point.

So you may be thinking, “Well, if she thinks she’s so average, then why is she starting a blog?” AND I FEEL YOU, but wait! There’s more. I also consider myself REMARKABLE, I know my worth and I know that if I am in your life, you’re a lucky one. I would tell you that my past has made me special and all of that, but let’s be honest, we’ve ALL gone through some SHIT and somehow we all think we have it worse than the next person. Not any amount of pain, heartbreak, grief or loss will make you memorable, only the way in which you allow it to shape you. And oh, how it has shaped me.

I’m not going to divulge all of my dirty secrets just yet, don’t worry. What I will say is this: I’ve downplayed my accomplishments and my success for too long. I have lived as a people pleaser, a woman full of resentment and pent up emotions, an individual trying to hide from the world in fear of bearing her true self and being rejected, and a woman with such low self esteem and complete lack of self worth that even success didn’t warrant the tiniest bit of celebration. Those stages of life are past now, and I’m going to do more than just show you who I am and what I’ve done. So how has my past shaped me? Well, a combination of intuition, empathy, compassion and wisdom paired with an old, but spirited soul has led to a woman with the intense need to share— to share her wisdom, insight, experience and heart.

I could tell you that this blog will mostly feature workouts, nutrition information and health tips, interviews from my favorite humans, self love articles, travel reviews, & more, and honestly it will be a good deal of that, but it will all amount to me sharing bits of my soul with you, hoping to connect, inspire and be inspired, empower one another and evolve with each other.

I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

With love,


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