Matcha Green Tea Frappe

Hello, loves! I am by no means a tea-drinker and as much as I wish I preferred the taste over coffee, I don’t. HOWEVER, I can’t ignore the many benefits of Matcha, so I try to incorporate it at least 1-3 times per week.

This recipe is so simple, quick, delicious and full of satisfying #health, that I can promise you’ll be making it a second time very soon.

Without further-ado,

Matcha Green Tea Frappe


Base of your choosing (I use 25 cal cashew milk)

1-2 Tbs Matcha Green Tea powder (bought mine from Amazon)

1 scoop of vanilla protein (also from Amazon)

Optional ingredients for #thiccness & #periodproblems

Sugar free chocolate chips

Riced cauliflower

1/2 Banana


Blend all ingredients together & enjoy. Not much to figure out here!

Macros without optional ingredients:


Macros with optional ingredients:


Xx, Sami

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