Addressing Fake Accounts

Hi, everyone.

If you’re reading this, there is about 50% chance that you can skip right past it.

IF you have any suspicion that you have been talking to me via messenger, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or ANY other form of communication other than face, and it you are being scammed… I’m here to tell you that YOU ARE.

Here are the facts:

I’m not deployed and nor will I be in the foreseeable future.

If I were deployed, myself nor ANY other REAL soldier would EVER ask a civilian ESPECIALLY someone we don’t know for money.

Not only that, but we get paid MORE when we are deployed.

If you don’t know an individual personally, you should probably not trust them in any way.

If your gut says your being cat fished or scammed somehow, it’s likely that you are.

I don’t talk to anyone other than family and friends that I know IN PERSON, and my ONLY social media account is @sassandsincerity on Instagram.

To those who have contacted me, alerting me of the fake accounts:

I’m sincerely sorry for your troubles and hope that the fake accounts have not managed to impact you in any significant way. It’s a shame that there are people out there who take part in this, but it is life and we have to do what we can to avoid the situations. Some humans are not in the right place mentally, emotionally or physically, and there’s usually nothing we can do to change that other than identify it for its reality and continue to live our own lives. Please take precaution!

To the person(s) who are creating said fake accounts:

I don’t know where you’re at right now, but I feel sorry for you. What you’re doing is wrong and I genuinely hope you have the intellectual capacity to understand this. These fake accounts have been relentless, so I assume you are in a dark place. I hope you get out of that place. Please, give up with these shameful and self loathing acts and actively seek self improvement instead. Good luck to you.

Thanks everyone,

Have a great weekend.

Xx, Sami

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