Ale & Bryan…

Where to even start with these two…?

Well, I suppose I’ll begin by telling you guys that they were not the first couple that I’ve shot, but they were the first to completely capture my heart, and it’s not just because they bought my coffee when we arrived on our first location (see other blog for a little bit of a different style).

Bryan emanated warmth, kindness, and a seemingly carefree spirit. Ale told me that she had Bryan were a bit nervous, but if they were it never showed. Ale has a way of keeping people laughing in a very subtle way, and with her fun, quirky personality, she was a delight to be around. Together, interacting with others, they balance each other out in a very comforting way. And here’s where it gets good… together, interacting without me (even though I was guiding them, they would have their own little conversations, most of which I couldn’t hear, but did capture on camera a few times), they were loving, sweet, intimate, trusting, and even a little steamy at times! Give me all the steam #hotness.

The way they’d look at each other, even when instructed to do so, would always wind up being candid because of something he’d whisper or a face Ale would make. You guys- they melted me.

My personal favorite, and for some reason, I figured I’d include this in it’s unedited version.

These were just some of my favorites, with a few slightly different edits thrown in. Prior to delivery, you’ll always receive a few teasers and I’ll ask that you chose between a few pictures to help me understand YOUR style.

Thanks for checking in ❤

Xx, Sami

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